Sunday 5 October 2008

One year on

Why is it so difficult to update this blog without a camera?! Exactly one year ago today, we bought our shed! Seen here being loaded onto the trailer. It took two journeys. I was so worried, as we'd only just got the trailer, that we'd lose the shed on the homeward journey. We didn't.
And when Trelleborg were here, our shed was so organised! This afternoon I went to the shed to find something - maybe it's a good thing I don't have a camera to show how chaotic the shed's contents have become since their departure!
A friend living along the lane in a Norwegian (finished!) timber framed house sent this link It's good for the soul (my soul at least), as this account of building a timber framed house in the highlands of Scotland, does in many ways reflect our own experiences and frustrations.
I have learnt a sense of humour is perhaps the most important thing. That you will overspend on time, money, materials, and labour. That you will really need to want this house above all else and keep battling on to achieve it.
Our plumber showed up last week but Dodo our chief tiler pulled a ligament in his tiling arm rendering him useless for tiling! This in turn effected the plumber's ability to complete his bit!
A friend from Pirbright in Surrey arrived unexpectedly on Wednesday evening. It was lovely to see her, made more lovely by her willingness to corner tape, insulate the loft, and have a 'bash' at the guttering. Between us we 'installed' the guttering on the front side of the house. It needs a bit of attention, but it was difficult in the pouring rain, standing in a puddle, to be completely accurate!
Our car broke down last weekend on the homeward journey from Ikea in Edinburgh (in protest I think.) One week on we have the car back again, plus four sinks, five taps , two loos, two showers and a bath. Oh come on something has to happen soon!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Mumma#2, soon you'll have your dream house finished and all this hard work and waiting will all be worth it. Here are lots of hugs and kisses for you and Niels xx () xx () xx ()xx
Lots of love Em

annie hoff said...

Thank you little Em - the hugs and kisses were most welcome! We're getting there slowly!

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