Friday 17 October 2008

Tiles 'R' us - almost!

This is brilliant! The rain shower. I'll show you the rest of the room - when it's finished!
but in the meantime here is the hand shower that goes together with the rain shower. I chose Grohe because they look so good and are such excellent quality. Both bathrooms went over budget which means we probably won't have floors, curtains, food or other non essentials, but we'll be able to have lovely hot showers providing we can pay water and electricity bills!
I'm grouting the tiles in the shower room. The plumber tiled the walls and I'm really happy with them. I was worried it would all look too dark but it doesn't - it looks contemporary, or so I like to think!

Niels is tiling the kitchen and utility room floors. We don't think Dodo likes tiling as he seems to have disappeared. By trade he's a joiner so we're hoping he'll reappear to help fit doors and frames!

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