Monday 12 April 2010


What a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend it's been.
At last the intensity of spring, summer even, has arrived in force
On Saturday afternoon we drank tea and nibbled homemade shortbread together with Edith at Maggie's tearoom. Edith has been away from the lochside for a while having treatment for her eyes. I first put Edith on my blog here. And I for one can't wait until she's back home again skipping about in her trainers!
Maggie's tearoom over looks little lochbroom. I'm not certain but I think little lochbroom is actually bigger than normal sized lochbroom where we live.
The late afternoon sun tinged the hills a delicate shade of pink.
 There is something so special about the Highlands.
Coachloads of holiday makers come to the Cairngorms and up as far as Fort William.
But they need to come up here! It's a big beautiful clean clear empty space!
This morning I did bottom of the garden inspection!
The pearly kings and queens of the mussel community lapping up the sun
Clear water with hardly a ripple
On my way back up the garden I passed these two ladies. They were watching their friend
trying unsuccessfully to push through a partially opened gate, but the opening was too narrow and she waddled off. Lambing has just started here and the sheep are extra wide  swaying from side to side making their way to nowhere in particular on their stiff unbendy legs
At my feet this male chaffinch. Not looking well, or just old perhaps. I left him quietly. I'm never sure the best course of action, but think nature is probably best at dealing with the situation.
Meanwhile back at the top of the garden, Niels was busy planting  Hazel trees - some of the time!
 Seeing him there reminded me of when we took down the old telephone cable
that ran across the top of the garden.


Lucille said...

I felt as though I was sitting at that open window. A breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann
It looks like you have had better weather than us, it looks beautiful!! The tearoom looks like my kinda place. You have probably noticed I have closed my blog, Phil still has his.

Love to you both, Jackie.

S. Etole said...

you live with such beauty ...

Anonymous said...

Maggie's is one of my favourite places - lovely food, great views and pretty things to buy as well!


annie hoff said...

Angela, how exciting you've been to Maggie's tearoom too! A great place and also Aida's gift shop the Stepping Stones along the road another delight.

Phil said...

I hope you had not seen the weather forecast for next week Ann?

Anonymous said...

Ann just been catching up on your news - love the photos you take and also the photoshop bday card -
Such amazingly beautiful flowers - I wish I could paint them and capture their beauty as you have on camera. Miss you. Chris.

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