Thursday 12 August 2010

Brackets and plastic 'bits'

I have a perfectly nice bathroom upstairs
But, it isn't quite finished and this last week we have decided to get on and add the final touches.
So far so good
The loo which had a slight drip from the cistern, now sits neatly and snugly
on the wall, drip free and supported by a concealed frame
The sink sits on a unit that will hang on the wall
We have the instructions
and any number of bits and pieces in little plastic bags that came with the unit.
But we don't have the most important bits. We've lost them.
The brackets that fix the unit to the wall are missing
When we moved in (and we were in a desperate hurry to get into the house) Niels did a temporary job of sitting the unit on a make shift frame. You know the sort of thing, a work around, no more than a month or so until we'd do it properly!
Well time has gone by.
I've been in touch with Roca.  They can't deal with us personally as we're just 'ordinary'  We need to be  plumber's merchants before they can talk to us.  I phoned the plumbers merchants and asked if they might phone Roca and talk about brackets in a plumbers merchant's sort of way. Later that day the plumbers merchants rang back to say they'd spoken to Roca and they were going to fax the relevant bracket code numbers to Barcelona which is where they keep all their spare parts  - I hope they can remember where they've put them.
In the meantime, and I'm sorry if this goes on a bit, there are other, almost finished, but not quite jobs, to do in the bathroom while we wait for the brackets.
 After we'd moved in, and in our haste to fix the blind to the bathroom window, one of us (and it wasn't me) removed a vital bit of plastic from the window frame. At the time a kind man at Velux said not to worry, he was sure he had just the bit we needed in his desk drawer (I recognise that filing system!)
only it wasn't the right bit it was the wrong bit, and this week in our drive to complete a further room in the house I rang Velux. They too noted how 'ordinary' we were and said we needed to go through a builders merchant. However, they relented a little when they realised the nearest builders merchant was thirty seven miles away. I emailed them the above photo thinking how helpful I was being and on Friday they were going to 'pop' the right bit in the post to us. That was nearly a week ago. Maybe the chap at Velux tidied out his desk drawer? But never mind while we're  waiting for the brackets and the plastic bit there are other jobs.
Wood is much simpler - in theory.  We've taken down the clunky bit of 'temporary' pine shelving we put up running along under the window and have ordered a piece of sycamore from the wood turner
They say you should never live in the first house you build! When we ordered the bath we failed to notice it had the wrong profile for the bathroom! However with the help of the wood turner and Niels' expertise as a carpenter, the end of the bath will be boxed in and a smart sycamore shelf will finish it off.
I feel 'finished off' just writing about this! It takes ages, or takes us ages at any rate. All last year Niels worked on a contract he had to complete and anyone who visited us in that time will remember that for the most part he shut himself away with his computer and just worked.  We are getting there, and every time we tick off another little job completed we feel so good.
Just waiting for the brackets, bit of plastic, and the wood, and then I shall take a photo and post it here to show the finished bathroom!
Then we can start finish the shower room!!

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rachel said...

It will be lovely. It's already rather lovely!

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