Thursday 5 August 2010

The Driving Lesson

Edith and her family wait down on the shore
Edith is taking Wild Rose out of the boat house and going for a spin
with a little bit of help
The Wild Rose is surprisingly heavy
but after a bit of heaving and shoving she slips into the water
with Edith at the helm (well, more in the middle!)
and the crew and coach jump on board to join her
The coach gets down to coaching and Edith and her young co-pilot have to concentrate
very hard so as not to go round in circles
 Come on Edith you can do it, check in your mirror before pulling out
Right turn ahead
At this point the coach takes over as there is a parking manoeuvre
coming up while we pick up a passenger
Got him!
Edith gets to rest on the way home and sits with Louis
(I don't know if that is how he spells his name?)
I think Edith is marvelous not just for the age she is now,
but at any age. I imagine she's always been full of enthusiasm for life. It was a treat to join with her family and friends, just splashing about and messing about in boats on an almost sunny summer afternoon!

1 comment:

Lucille said...

I don't think they make people quite like Edith any more.

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