Monday 9 August 2010

Loch a' Mhuilinn

And the reason we could sit out yesterday morning in the garden in the sunshine and have breakfast was of course
because on Friday after almost twenty one days of cloud and drizzle it was time to return the lens I'd hired!
In the meantime I shall continue to enjoy the cameras and lenses that I do have while saving (it may take a while!) for the wonderful Zuiko digital 12-60 mm SWD lens.
Undeterred and with camera in hand we came here yesterday afternoon, to be out in the sun and in a place of spectacular beauty. Loch a' Mhuilinn is a 
 National Nature Reserve
The plan was to get out on the peninsular and see the ancient and windswept woodland. Apparently here is some of the most northerly oakwood in Britain - not to be missed. Only we did - miss it that is. We normally stray off footpaths, the exception being yesterday  when we should have strayed off to the right, but instead kept to the straight and narrow.
Unbelievably this was the main road to Durness until it closed in 1976. Now, it's very over grown, though would only ever have been single track with passing places.
Heathers and bog myrtle creep out over the old tarmac. Rowan, hazel, birch and willow line up on either side.
It's difficult to describe the absolute peace and quiet to be found here. The wonderful  tranquil sound of buzzing bees and dragon flies.  Butterflies, hover flies, a multitude of tiny insects, a shiny black beetle scuttles across the path. A froglet hides in the grass. A warm sunny, lazy, entirely slowed down and intense summer afternoon - food for the senses.
We found a small cove 
Home to a little creature
I don't know what this is?  I thought it may have been sea carrot until I saw that sea carrot only grows in the south west!
and honeysuckle
The lochans sparkled in the light
It won't be long before the water lillies are out
We sat on some rocks looking out over the sea, drinking coffee and eating chocolate contemplating the possibility of launching the canoe from down there.
It's a long way down and though not especially steep very rough underfoot and getting the canoe back up again would be a bit of a nightmare.
We did two walks at the weekend. The one on Saturday was to do with the 'Great Wildernes Challenge' that Mary and I are doing. I want to record that too. But just for a change wanted to show some pictures that weren't entirely overcast!


Lucille said...

What an amazing walk. You really made it possible to imagine being there. So glad you've had some sun at last.

annie hoff said...

Thank you Lucille. It was a lovely walk, and it's raining again today, so I know it wasn't just because I sent back the lens!

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