Monday 2 August 2010

Lochbroom Sheepdog Trials

I'm not an expert at what makes a good sheepdog trial, but I'd say the one here at Lochbroom  at the weekend was first class, and
 to be recomended, should you happen
  to have been in the area   
It was the place to see...
...and be seen. I wanted to ask these three
if I could take their photo, instead, I lurked behind the venison burger stand
and took a pot shot!
Five of the Ullapool Pipe Band arrived
 The sun shone (well, you can't have everything, but there was a patch of blue sky!)
The five pipers were on their way to play at a wedding along the lane at Clachan church
but stopped on the way to entertain us during the lunch
interval. They were excellent.
But I think the sheep were the best entertainment. They were stubborn,
difficult and not at all in the mood to play games!
One broke out of the arena and made a dash for the lane (too quick
for my camera!)
It was a great afternoon and for me the very best bit was actually arriving somewhere
and seeing friends and people we knew. It takes time to
make friends and I realise how easy it is to take friendship for granted. 
It felt like home and in our community. And that was a pretty
nice feeling to have


Lucille said...

I love the weary look on that sheep's face. Even the others look as if they are wandering away in a half hearted fashion.

S. Etole said...

I enjoyed enlarging the photos and seeing what the sheep had to say ...

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