Wednesday 19 March 2008

A break for Easter

I'm losing track of the days! This was going to be such an accurate recording of the house going up. Never mind - I think this was the day before yesterday. The wind bracing walls have been put in
And these two are working really hard. They are a man short, due to illness, and are hoping, after Easter to add a fourth to their team

Builders mates!

It looks great and the smell of wood as you come down the drive is wonderful
The roof rafters are laid out and cut to size. This was another set back as this would normally have been done before leaving the factory in Denmark.
They set to and make light work of it using both the old
and new
It has been decided that, as the weather is not looking good for this Friday, they will hold back putting up the roof beams until after Easter when they can be properly secured.

So the roof timbers are stacked, cut to size and drilled ready to be assembled when the team return next week
A last check that all is in order before leaving for the long drive back to Devon

They have done an incredibly good job. Niels has helped where he can and Alan has been a great organiser and held the team together - he has transformed the shed into a place of order instead of its usual chaotic dumping ground! His sandwiches are second to none too! Well done chaps have a good Easter and come back (please) after a well earned break spent with wives and children.

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