Wednesday 26 March 2008

Topping Out

The first roof rafters go up!
And after lots of hard work and one or two of these -

the roof begins to take shape. They lift the beams up and assemble the 'A' frame before fixing them into position

Bit by bit the roof grows

Until finally the last rafters are put in place

It looks amazing and makes a huge difference to the size. The proportions seem just perfect

Not a breath of wind, and the two flags, one Danish, and one Scottish refuse to flutter even a tiny bit, and the wreath, made on Sunday afternoon out of what appeared to be half a fir tree, is now barely visible to the naked eye! Nevertheless we hold our own 'Topping Out' ceremony

And as the dusk sets in and the night air chills we have a cold Carlsberg and a hot (warm) dog and admire our beautiful timber framed house

I think Niels is shivering!
Thanks chaps! It looks brilliant. You can go inside now and warm up!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how quickly everything seems to be happening, and so exciting for you. Almost a house now, so a dream coming true. Very good luck with the rest of the building. You will be the envy of the neighbourhood soon.

Love from Bee Thain

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