Monday 10 March 2008


We're in the Ullapool News! We think this means we've been granted a building warrant. Does it include stage one? Can we have the roof tiles we want? The building warrant officer wasn't happy to learn that our chosen roof tiles need no underlay and are held together by what appears to be velcro. Will we be the couple running around lochside picking up roof tiles every time there is a bit of a breeze?
The foundations are finished. What if they're crooked? The Trelleborg team were emphatic about the accuracy needed when constructing a timber framed building. They arrive on Wednesday evening (4 of them) They are driving up from Devon. The house is coming over by boat from Denmark to arrive on Thursday. As yet no one is sure whether it will come to Harwich or Newcastle. What if it's the wrong house? What if we made some terrible mistake? What if the Trelleborg team don't like the shepherds pie I'll make for their tea? I'm worried for the first time. There still seems such an enormous amount to do. The man along the road has said we can borrow his scaffolding. We are still trying to find a joiner to help with the completion of the inside.

This isn't the house! It's a box that Niels has built to hold the consumer unit so that the electricity can be connected. We thought that would be this week, but despite various phone calls and emails the electricity board hasn't heard of us! They will come a week on Wednesday, almost a week after we need electricity. Fortunately our neighbours have an outside connection in their garage they have said we can use. I'm happy we have neighbours.

Our other neighbour dear Annie sits next to the electricity pole in her garden. If you click on the picture you can just see the black cable that has to cross the few feet to be connected. When I asked her if this would be ok, she said of course but pointed out she had no idea where the electricity pole was in her garden!

Meanwhile our very own sceptic tank sits quietly waiting at the top of the drive for the start of the action. Some days I feel exhausted!

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