Sunday 30 March 2008

Up on the roof - mainly

The wreath slipped off its perch in the strong wind, but at last the flags flew - Danish on the one side and Scottish (hidden from the camera) on the other
We couldn't wait any longer for the Building Warrant Officer to give a decision on the underlay - so rather than lose time it goes on. This type of house hasn't been built in Scotland before and we were told that the Building Warrant Office has only had one other request in the last fifteen years arguing the case for not using underlay under the roof tiles

Our 'stick up' roof tiles clipped on to the batons and held tightly and securely in place with Velcro - this keeps them weather tight thus doing away with the need for underlay. It also stops them rattling in the wind.
The work on the roof continues

No worries about falling off then!

My sitting room!

Looking along the length of the ground floor. To the left, in between the wind bracing walls there will be a shower room and the hall and in the far corner Niels' study.

I love this bit. It means I can walk all the way round the outside of the house and stay dry! The Planning Officer while pointing out that these roofs weren't typical to the highlands agreed it was good to be able to walk round the house and not get wet!
I can't get over the speed the builders are working. They do a 10 hour day and work really hard. The house does look truly amazing

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