Tuesday 25 March 2008


This was the view from the bathroom window yesterday morning as I was brushing my teeth. Somebody left the door open! I wonder if we should brush the snow off the house? The builders arrive back today from their Easter break. Today is the last day apparently for snow, tomorrow returns to rain, clouds, showers, sleet and sunshine - so that will be fine then!

Before the snow started to settle I went to inspect the 'garden!' In amongst the devastation and felled trees I spotted what I think are bluebells

There would be carpets of them if it weren't for us clomping over them, trees falling on top of them, sheep nibbling them and tons of earth and rubble being tipped over them. They seem quite hardy though, and hopefully, next year when they realise we're not waging war against them they will pop up to be greeted by less hostile conditions

At the bottom of the garden I found this. It's growing up and over old and decaying wood. What is it? Will it have a beautiful flower and fill the garden with scent?

Competing with the sheep's poo, mud, and general disarray, there are all sorts of mosses and lichens and ferns growing over and out of old walls and tree stumps

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