Monday 31 March 2008


I get excited about silly things probably- but I think this roof is pretty amazing, the tiles appear almost a dark chocolate brown in colour - I've been told they're grey!
Our own windows! I can't wait to open and close them.

Tiles in close up!
Meanwhile on the other side of the roof, the dormer windows take shape. I know they're a bit of a hastle to do, but they do look good and make such a difference to the size of the house. Come on chaps there are only two more to do! And you've got that lovely view!

By the front door bags and bags of insulation waiting in turn to be added to the house
Now we even have an upstairs!

A room with a view! This is looking out of our bedroom window

It looks so good and sits so perfectly on the site, Everyday there is something different to see as it gets one step nearer to completion

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Anonymous said...

Ann, The house is certainly coming along, it is incredible.Well done to the workers!!Jackie.

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