Sunday 29 April 2012

R&R - Rest and Recuperation

Jo, our daughter came up earlier this week to rest and recover from the flu. She's been seriously poorly. As she arrived I caught a cold. Between us through the week we've propped each other up, and enjoyed some of the most glorious sunshine. I know it isn't fair, but we don't suffer with drought here as you know, and sometimes we deserve the better weather!
There is a beach near here that I love. I love it at all times of the year. In the summer and in the winter What ever the time of year Achnahaird beach never disappoints.
The sheep come down to the waters edge to eat the seaweed
The views as ever are huge, but right at our feet there are views in miniature that are quite perfect
perfect textures and patterns
But what are these? and what are they doing. I suspect that they are empty cases and the occupants have left, but I don't know. They look like Muppets, frantically waving their arms.
The cloud looks as if it's hit the mountain top at speed and splattered off in all directions!
Jo, flew back to London yesterday morning feeling much better, and my cold has nearly gone. It was lovely to see her, and I feel better just thinking that even though we live over 600 miles away she can still get on a plane and come 'home' to be looked after by her mummy!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Spot the difference!

I think I need to get out more! Last week lambing started here and it coincided, almost, with the arrival of my new sheep. A present from two very good friends who came up recently to the birthday party. When she isn't pretending to be a 'proper' sheep, she sits on the kitchen window sill looking out of the window. She has a look about her that makes me smile.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Plight of the bee

This is the year of 'The Garden!' I've finally started tackling the bank at the front of the house. Yesterday I noticed a bumble bee. He was frantically busy one minute, and resting on a window sill  the next. It wasn't until I got the pictures off the camera that  I could see the poor chap had got an infestation of mites. I read an article here about how to remove mites from bumble bees, but am not sure how successful I would be in carrying this out - particularly if the bee was cross. And how easy is it to encourage a bee to walk onto the end of a twig?  In the past I have revived tired bees by feeding them diluted honey on the end of a tea spoon. If I decide to 'have a go' at mite removing you'll be the first to know.
I want to create an area in the garden that is insect friendly, especially to bees and butterflies. I know very little about bees, other than they're difficult to get in focus with the camera, but I know there is a bee crisis, and I'm going to battle on, planting heathers and shrubs, encouraging clovers and flowers that bees enjoy,  doing my little bit to help these beautiful, fascinating and very busy little creatures. So, I best get on with it then and stop sitting in front of this computer!   
Ps. I've just read an article that suggest I try coaxing the mites off the bees using a child's paintbrush. That's a brush,  some small water containers and a twig I need in my 'mite removal' kit

Monday 9 April 2012

In the picture

We absolutely had to buy this picture 'Lochside and Sheep'!  We're quite certain the house third from the left is our house! We visited an talla solais, a week ago with friends who were staying with us. We saw this picture for sale in 'The Market Street Collective' It is by Kim Richards, and we love it. Even if the house isn't based on our house we still love it, and couldn't wait to get it home
where I carried out intensive observations! I wish Kim could come and paint our garage just like the one in her picture! It's on our 'to do' list, but we haven't quite got round to it yet!
The picture captures the mood of the lochside perfectly. Some of the houses have been picked up and put down in different places, but that's what artists can do and it's what separates a picture from a photo
The artist also designed the front cover for the Ullapool & district local telephone directory. I love the line drawing and simple blocks of colour. Yellow pages could pick up a tip or two
available from all good shops in Ullapool  for £4.50 - excellent value
And here are some photos of our house the night before the big birthday party
That's me running around with plates - although I seem to have ground to a halt.
We managed to sit twenty three people down at the table - with a bit of an effort, that involved Niels having to build another table! We had a wonderful pre-party evening together with family and friends. Thank you Janne and Soren for sending them. I still can't believe I didn't take a single photo the entire weekend!

Friday 6 April 2012

Wait ten minutes and the weather will change!

Winter and Spring arrive together
We were with friends at a viewpoint just north of Kylesku. A platform with information regarding the mountain and rock formations was displayed on a tablet of stone made to look like a book - we ran for cover.
and a little while later, we watched transfixed as the next burst of weather arrived.
Quite simply it's been warm and summery one day
and cold and wintry the next
Thank you for all the lovely kind comments on my last post. Thank you too to Soren and Marie for making the party and leaving a comment on my blog!  

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