Saturday 22 March 2014


Is everything going to be old and distressed asks Niels looking at the chair? Only us, I say! Yesterday was band practice. Somewhere in the distant past on this blog I have mentioned that Niels plays drums with various different bands. Yesterday the band (fortunately only small) met here. I took myself off for the afternoon. It was cold and the weather changed in an instant. I stopped to admire the view and as I turned, a stag appeared on the road. He was big and although very aware I was there he showed no fear and calmly crossed over to the other side.
I think I'm becoming a bit obsessed with digital painting and drawing. I've never really used photoshop for photos. I have a very old graphics tablet and pen and I like making my own brushes and textures and using photoshop to draw. I want to make a big picture. We tried first enlarging a card I made recently for a friend's husband. We increased the size and printed it out using 8 sheets of A4 paper. It's now very big. It's only held together with sticky tape and is only a rough.  The idea was to see how accurately it would line up when printed. This isn't the picture I want to make.....that's the next step!

Monday 10 March 2014

Table tops, legs and inspiration...

I finally painted our 1980's Ikea table. Its orange knotty pine legs had been driving me crazy for some considerable time! Now the legs are duck egg blue (it says on the tin) and it is all together more restful on the eye. I did a wishy washy grey on the table top and waxed it like Annie Sloan said. I see so many amazing colours when we're out walking. Niels says you can have too much painted furniture, and I should be careful not to over do it.
But me and Annie Sloan are on a bit of a roll at the minute....

Saturday 1 March 2014


 Got anything for me to eat..?
I said have you got anything to eat..?
Suit yourself. I'll go and get a take a way... any more...squawk squawk...!
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