Thursday 22 October 2015

not very much....

Roses brought in from the garden (sadly not ours!) to  escape the forecast gales. A walk in Culbin Forest  over on the east coast  with its amazingly colourful pine needled and sandy forest floor home to some very smelly black mushrooms. I keep looking at old buildings in and around where we live. This one looking out on lochbroom with its rusty worn  corrugated roof gives me a card idea! I'm still battling on with my project. And yes, I am hoping to sell them eventually. I just need a bigger printer and a guillotine and a card stock supplier. When I'm not drawing and thinking about all the other things (like housework and stuff I should be doing)  I'm hooked on knitting little cotton square dishcloths, I can actually knit these and watch television at the same time! A real getting older persons activity...!
And, I nearly forgot, on sunny days the bees hug the flowers as if their very lives depended on it, and I suppose they do. We've had a lot of bees this year and they've been very busy.

Monday 12 October 2015

After the weekend

Out at Ardmair Bay this morning. Showers sun and rainbows. Walking at the weekend on Inverbroom Estate. The Colours and the light are lovely. Autumn at its very best.  And indoors I'm making boxes and cards. My new project! I've talked about it for ages, now I need to just get on and do it! I'm finding out about score pads and tools for perforating corners. Who would have thought making a simple box could involve such a learning curve?!  

Sunday 4 October 2015


Ollie and Anna came to stay and we went to a place called Diabaig. I've included the map so you'll know how to get here! A little piece of heaven. Single track to the end of the road that goes nowhere. It's beautiful. They went climbing and we went to meet them. Exquisite, I haven't words to describe how lovely this part of the world is. And if that isn't enough of a recommendation then here may entice you to pay a visit. We couldn't have everything it was closed on Monday when we went, but we're going back and then back again!
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