Tuesday 17 February 2015

This and That

Sometimes the light is so sharp and intense. There is definitely a sign that spring is in the air (although they are forecasting more bad weather to come!)
Time to do the repairs after the winter storms and to knit a "simple summer top down v-neck" raglan pullover. I challenge the description! As far as I can see there is absolutely nothing simple about it! This is the second attempt.....the pattern simply seems to be written in code! It's here if you like a challenge!

Wednesday 11 February 2015


We went to London last week. We had to go to the funeral for the daughter of some very good friends of ours. It was tragic and very sad. The young woman who died was only thirty five just a couple of years older than Jo seen here with her Dad. She died of cancer after a long battle. On the plus side it meant we got to see family and friends. We spent two days with Jo in London.
We went to the Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum and afterwards a funny little pub tucked away underneath The Arches near the river Thames. You could hear the trains rumbling along nearby and you hit your head on the ceiling every time you stood up....perfect! 
We met Jo's new boyfriend. We followed their bobble hats to the restaurant. Jo seems so happy and it's good to see her well again. She loves her job as a midwife but finds night shifts and long long hours exhausting at times
I find London exhausting all of the time. I love it, it's the best city. But wandering around museums and galleries and walking everywhere because we feel it's good for us can be very tiring. I spent a lot of time looking for somewhere to sit down!
We arrived back home late on Saturday night and  couldn't wait to get out and blow away the grime and dust from the city
And what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than up a hill in the wind and rain and mist and cold! I left the rain water on the lens......it added to the mood somehow! It's good to be home.

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