Tuesday 28 April 2015

Our Street

I love the street we live in. It doesn't have a name like most other streets. It's just single track, hugging the steep sides of the loch. Small hamlets sit at its edges and at this time of year, when the sun shines, it sings with colour. We should walk a little every day, but sometimes we don't. This morning after a brief flurry of snow we trotted along our street soaking up the sun and the colours and the views. Some houses are very bright. One has the brightest red roof I've ever seen, another, in the process of being built, resembles a bus shelter. There is a variety here that I like. For the most part houses are traditional in build with white walls and slate or corrugated roofs. From across the loch Ben Dearg this morning is covered in snow, much more than when we were up there a week or two ago. My little lettuces are not happy with the cold. I've let them stay in the shed to shelter from the drop in temperature at night. The rhubarb though is hardy and happily carries on doing its rhubarb thing.    

Friday 24 April 2015

Mostly Green

The weather has been warm and sunny, but there is talk of snow again on the hills! I bought some lettuce plants to go out in the flower borders but brought them indoors again today as it's going to get colder. The rhubarb is good though and appears not to mind the drop in temperature.
This isn't our garden by the way! I went last week with friends to Dundonnell House Garden. It's always worth a visit. This time I was taken with the newness of green and the lichen and the new paths being built.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Saddle Height....

The aim of the walk was to reach the saddle of Beinn Dearg. We decided against the summit as we haven't done much walking this year and need to be a bit fitter to tackle the 1084 metres to the top  It may be not the highest peak but we started at sea level with the temperature a balmy 18 degrees in the sun and met the snow line and drop in temperature on the way up to the ridge. It's quite a trek.  Here is one we did earlier. This time there was more snow and snow melt which made crossing the burns more hazardous! It was a beautiful day and though cold and windy in places it was just the best feeling to be out in the big wide open spaces that I love so much. And of course the coming home to pjs, slippers, a glass of wine and feet up wasn't bad either!
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