Sunday 14 January 2018

Just a glimpse of Harris and Lewis but mainly of Harris

 We went in November with some friends for a week to Harris in the Outer Hebrides. It was wonderful. The incredible light. Low lying sun. Deep contrasts of light and shade. Weather in the extreme. Biting wind, rainbows and a landscape that changed continually. Surrounded by sea it was beautiful. Harris is beyond lovely.
And they distil rather a nice gin too!

Saturday 13 January 2018

testing picture size

I've wanted to change my blog for sometime, without having to start a new one. Just experimenting with a bit of code to adjust the picture size. Original size is much too big while  the  x-large size option isn't big enough. I want a simpler looking blog with fewer columns and pictures that fill the whole post area. I've debated with myself for ages about whether I should stop blogging all together. But I begin to miss it after a time and while I don't have an enormous following, if any, at least three  people have said they miss it too! So here we go again.....but no promises for how long! This picture is from my mobile phone so not brilliant quality. I shows one of the bedrooms upstairs.
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