Saturday 26 December 2015

Christmas Day on the beach

We've never spent Christmas on our own before!  Generally we've been together with our children. But this year it's different. The children are all busy elsewhere and so...
....our first Christmas together on our own had to be different..!
 and walking to the incredibly dramatic and beautiful Sandwood Bay was what made the difference
It's a four and a half mile trek to reach the beach
but as you round the last bend in the track and Sandwood Bay opens up below you, you realise that if you have to spend Christmas on your own then this is the perfect most wonderful  jaw droppingly gorgeous place to be
It is so beautiful and somehow magical. The effort to get here makes it special. The waves that boom and crash as they roll in running up the beach
I can't capture the enormity of the place with my camera. 
Looking north to Cape Wrath. You can just see the lighthouse when the sun catches it....but not in this photo
sea foam...
the explanation can be found here
Lichen on the rocks that looks like tar, but thankfully isn't 
A long walk there and back but the most wonderful way to enjoy Christmas Day. It didn't really feel like Christmas and I did miss our children and their partners...but I loved this too, away from consumerism, over eating and the television..!

Saturday 21 November 2015

On the shelf...

I realise I've been very neglectful of late concerning my blog
But this is the reason why
Yesterday evening we went here to the West Coast Open Exhibition. The standard of work was incredible. The area we live in is enormous and  relatively unpopulated, even so there are ever so many creative people dotted about in this wonderful wilderness
me, working out the camera settings...!
One neighbour is a very fine painter
 another makes these very beautiful books
and there on their very own shelf, looking quite small, my contribution! My cards in boxes. It took me ages to work out the printing combined with the making of the boxes and our recycling bin is full to bursting with  'gone wrong' attempts! 
Some people have asked me  if they are for sale. And yes, the intention is they will be, once I have replenished my stock! No hard sell but if anyone is interested please drop me an email sometime and I can give details etc.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Keeping up to date..!

I'm ignoring my blog! I don't mean to. I can see I have a couple of new followers and I don't want them to give up and go away! But I have been busy. The weather continues to be nothing short of amazing! The autumn colours are vibrant and clear and colourful. We should be out in the hills, it's warm and sunny. Instead I'm indoors making cards and boxes. I should be clearing up the garden but I'm trawling through the internet looking at guillotines and card stock  and the bulk buying of envelopes!
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