Sunday 25 February 2018

Going through the winter

 We've had lovely sunny days, cold days, wet days and snowy days. We're enjoying the sun which is now higher in the sky and stays longer in the house. There has been a daughter to stay and walks and talks and drinking tea. We've finally finished laying wood flooring's taken 9 years but you can't rush these things!And I have become addicted to my Wacom tablet. A bit like an I-pad. It means I can draw straight onto the computer and play around in Photoshop. Adding layers, deleting layers. Changing colours. It's all much too clever for  me but it keeps me occupied for ages. The worst thing about a graphics tablet is that I don't actually have to finish anything. I can constantly change the idea adding and taking away what I don't like. I've already changed this picture and will do so again...probably deleting it  and starting again. I'm meant to be making boxes of cards. I keep telling myself this is just a warm up exercise!
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