Thursday 30 October 2014

Walkers, Water and Squally Showers...

One blustery wet and cold day last October and my friend Mary
....went for a walk with a group of people
...organised by Scottish Heritage (I think) to  look at some old iron age remains (I think)
It's a long time ago now and honestly I've forgotten quite what we were doing apart from getting very wet
It rained. A cold wet penetrating rain that got in under collars and cuffs and down the tops of walking boots
We stopped to look at something that was vaguely to do with the iron age. But I can't remember what it was and  my glasses had water running off them
Aged iron, and iron age are not the same thing. This very large iron container was left behind after the second world war by the military presence up here in the Highlands
We carried on up  the hill past the age iron box in a brief spell of sun
Once at the top it was unbelievably windy. Mary hung on and tried to smile for the camera

We huddled together for warmth and to stop being blown a way. I don't know where the iron age remains had gone, maybe we were sitting on them
We were very bedraggled and soggy as we returned to base
The rain picked up and turned to sleet and we lost our guide. Fortunately Mary had a map and the group stayed together. My camera is shower proof but not suitable for underwater. This was driving freezing sleet and I was beginning to lose the will to take photos. I put the camera back in my rucksack, (which was wet.)  At the end of the walk and after we had dried out we agreed it had been a good walk even if our guide had mislaid us for a while. It got a bit muddly he later explained.  He thought we were with someone else who knew the way back. The surprising thing is, even though we weren't that far from civilisation it was very easy once we got cold to lose our sense of direction and concentration.

Friday 24 October 2014

Bright blue to turquoise

A walk along the coast from Achmelvich beach to the ruined mill at Alltan'abrad. The walk isn't very long but it hugs the coast and even when it isn't especially sunny the colour of the water close to the shore and in the rock pools is startlingly blue. Meanwhile a little further out the black backed gulls, cormorants and great skuas (we think) made a very loud noise as they squabbled over the food....mainly the skuas grabbing  every titbit  from the smaller cormorants. I don't have a zoom lens so without the binoculars it would have been hard to identify the noisy rabble squawking and bickering on the rocks.

Monday 6 October 2014

Borrowing an Island

This morning the loch was a bit choppy. It was windy, wet and stormy
Three weeks ago the loch was calm. It was warm and sunny and altogether lovely
Robin (son) and girlfriend Sarah came to visit. While staying they decided to paddle out of the loch and borrow an island.....just for a night                
After a lot of paddling....
....and paddling....
....they arrived, at the nearest one, they said, as they were feeling paddled out
They explored their island...
...and set up camp...
....and enjoyed their view with its stunning scenery and back drop of mountains 
And the most amazing thing of all is that borrowing an island can all be achieved from the bottom of the garden! True it does involve a bit of effort especially the trek back up the hill to the house to fetch forgotten items....but where else could we live with a back garden that opens up so many possibilities and gives access to such a stunning and beautiful place with The Summer Isles on the doorstep....nearly!
Thank you Bob and Sarah for letting me use your photos. I hope I've chosen the right ones? They were all lovely.  

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