Monday 22 September 2014

Late afternoon sun

There is a lovely walk near where we live along by the river. This isn't the river, this is me looking up in the air....
The trees can be bendy and twisty
or tall and straight. On warm sunny autumn afternoons the light filters through the trees
We meet our friend Charles walking back along the path we are taking. He said he'd seen a huge variety of fungi. It was true I've never seen so many different shapes and sizes and colours. I need a book to identify them. Niels says that will delay the progress of the walk even further...there is enough faffing he says with me and the camera, a book would be tipping it over the edge 
Lots of spiders too. I'm sorry if you don't like them......scroll past him quickly! 
The river rounds a bend and a waterfall comes into view falling over the rocks. It's funny to think that the water here will eventually empty out into the loch at the bottom of our garden and into the sea.
quick quick
Whoops....did Charles say he'd crossed this bridge? I looked and got as near to the edge as I was going to, but when my hands and feet started to ache and sweat I knew I was never going to cross it. There was a deep drop and a lot of water and rock below
We leave the river with it's beautiful waterfall and wonky rusty precarious bridge and head home back along the side of the hills. I love it, not only is it beautiful in the late autumn sun it is also empty. Apart from Charles and a man in the distance we can see walking his dog we had the whole place to ourselves

Friday 12 September 2014

I'm here

I'm back! I haven't gone anywhere...
....apart from a little holiday in Sussex
We travelled  south and stayed in sunny Uckfield, although admit to switching the central heating on once or twice as it was rather chilly
We stayed at a friends house (no, not this one....this was Charlston House which we loved) while they were away on holiday
Our National Trust membership cards nearly wore out! We visited Monks House and loved this too
Standen House was a delight
London by night as lively and lit up as ever
We had a lovely time
but it was ever so nice to come back to our own house
even if I need to repaint the picnic bench...and don't feel confident in opening house and garden to the public..just yet!

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