Sunday 30 January 2011

In my hour of need

She showed up! She often doesn't, and her flight path is clumsy as she aims for the feeder, it's a dash in from the nearest branch and sometimes she doesn't quite make it and flies off - nut less! But today in order to take part in the RSPB's  Big Garden Birdwatch this great spotted woodpecker  made a special effort and turned up on time and earned herself a tick on my list.
Lots of these turned up too. Siskins and chaffinches arrive in large groups and feed both on the feeders and the ground making it difficult to count them - and they won't stay still!
I think there are some goldfinches in there too and a blue tit
Sadly the long tailed tits missed the deadline and won't get a tick. They were here earlier. They  always arrive in a social gathering flitting about  and talking at top speed.  Garrulous, I think, the word is 'full of trivial conversation!'
But they are so very  pretty and very dainty
And talking of dainty! This chap only drops by if he can spot a nice bit of granary loaf from Costcutters on the  lawn grass.  Niels says he quite likes granary bread too but he never gets any. Today this lesser black-backed gull also stayed away and the blackbirds thrushes dunnocks and the little wren didn't make the deadline either. Still, what a pleasure just to sit by the window with a cup of tea counting birds in an official capacity!

Tuesday 25 January 2011

It was fun while it lasted!

This was to be a blog  about walking in Lael Forest Garden - just along the road from where we live.To say how much I love the trees and just occasionally the  feeling of being hemmed in by them, especially in winter when you can see their heart and soul their very backbone
  I was going to prattle on about fading light and January winter afternoons
 And I know this has been done to death  and 'proper' photographers frown but I was going to mention how I enjoyed fiddling about with the shutter speed on my very favourite old camera an Olympus c8080, my first one died tragically  here but last year I found another one on ebay.
and to mention (as if I haven't before!) the clean fresh air allowing the lichens to grow. But we should have got home sooner, not even gone out, but stood on guard. Because when we did  get home.....
I don't believe it!
And now she's got a following - fortunately on the other side of the fence - still
 I'm trying not to think bad thoughts, but is she running a course in fence jumping? She had better just look out. Once it stops raining the battle will recommence! You silly sheep the grass isn't even greener on this side

Saturday 22 January 2011

No entry

This may or may not work. We've hauled up the fence and added a bit of barbed wire across the top. And I do feel mean, especially since she stood on the other side looking hurt and with an expression that suggested she thought I had been her friend, and more, that she had been mine. The thing is she's eating everything, including the trees we planted last spring. I've told her she can come in again in the Autumn when there is lots of tidying up to be done and we need a super efficient grass cutter.
I won't be in the least bit surprised if she's back in the garden in the morning. She spent a long time this afternoon   checking the fence for weaknesses, she tried a jump, but couldn't quite gain the height she needed.  I have a feeling though that she isn't  going to let a bit of silly old fence and some barbed wire put her off!

Thursday 20 January 2011

All things orange

A big beautiful sunrise. It appeared this morning, almost unnoticed, until, out of the corner of my eye I spotted
it and watched as it unfolded changed and eventually
flooded in through the window and settled on my brand  new cushion cover! My first ever Etsy buy!
That isn't a man behind the settee, it's a poster waiting to go on the wall
I love it. A Swedish fabric made into a cushion cover by a  lady who lives in America
now sits (after a few clicks on the keyboard)  and soaks up the early morning sun in our half  finished half Scandinavian house in the Scottish Highlands!

Thursday 13 January 2011

Family and friends

My favourite beach
Family and friends are staying this week and on the day without rain, sleet, or snow we went walking
not far, but far enough for a little boy whose boots are slightly too big and whose mittens don't stay on
 grandads understand these things.
nobody else seemed to be out taking the air
which, though very beautiful was very cold
time for tea
we'll come back another day

Saturday 8 January 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

We've been on a mission
We left early in the morning as the sun was rising - actually that's rather late here!
and drove and drove down through the Scottish countryside
which is beautiful
and a little bit snowy in places
Nearly there, The lovely forth bridge over the firth looks magnificent in the sun and in a few miles we will have reached
 our 'local' Ikea on the outskirts of Edinburgh Just 220 miles from where we live
Got it! I did check there was one in store, but you never know.
now we must drive 220 miles home again
Will it fit in the house?
It's easy to push down the drive in the snow
after lots of this
and one or two adjustments with the saw!
 and hundreds of miles in the car we have a new settee or is it a sofa? I don't know the difference
but I like it and now I think I may go and sit down!
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