Saturday 22 October 2016

Walking into some remote places

The trouble is, and the reason why there has been the dreaded 'blogging gap' yet again is partly due to a wonderful colourful sunny walk we did a while ago
It has been almost impossible to narrow the photos down to a sensible few 
I've tried hard and have managed to be ruthless in my choice...but there still seem rather a lot!
Here goes anyway and I'm sorry they go on a bit...I'm just making up for lost time as usual! It was simply a wonderful day. The colours at this time of year are unbelievably lovely. A Ginger tinge with russets and yellows and golds
Our own private beach for lunch, and yes, it was warm and you could paddle, but the water was a wee bit on the chilly side!
Streams to cross
We didn't see a soul all day. There is nowhere else in Britain that is quite as remote and empty as this part of the world, at least not on such a large scale as this. The sun rises just lately have been beautiful, and despite the red sky in the morning warning the days have gone on to be sunny and gentle. A last fling perhaps before winter arrives

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