Sunday 11 September 2016


This is quite the most perfect garden! With quite the most perfect views.The couple living here built the house and the garden themselves. The description of the garden can be found here The owner is also the gardener at Dundonnell House.  He must be terribly busy. Once we'd marvelled at the garden and flowers we couldn't remember the names of, we wandered into the polytunnels. Apples and perfect pears and nectarines and strawberries and tomatoes and every kind of vegetable and fruit. And then there were the honey bees and lovely coloured hens...and as for the tea and cakes! We started with apple cake because that's sort of somehow good for you, but it seemed bad manners  after they had gone to so much trouble not to have a cream meringue. It was a truly enjoyable day and a garden I didn't realise was there so it was a very happy discovery!

Tuesday 6 September 2016

September sun

Achnahaird beach. Lovely in the early autumn sun. It was warm enough to swim...if you dared! Instead we left the beach and followed the river that flows into the sea
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