Tuesday 18 February 2014

Walking on the Estate

No, they're too heavy, we can't carry those...
nor these
We sometimes do this walk in the afternoon. It's flat, which is helpful if you haven't got hours to spare and are not feeling hugely energetic. At one end of the loch is a ruin of a house. It belongs to the Inverbroom Estate.We can see lots of tree saplings have been planted and it's been fenced in to keep out the deer. What a house! And what a spot to live in. A view from every window. It comes complete with boat house and boat, but it does need a bit of work doing - and those dreadful gates would have to go - and as for that gatekeeper!
Thank you for the nice comments on my last post concerning our house. So far it has stood up very well to the weather! I don't like to say but we have had lower than average rainfall here for the time of year. We do get storm force gales at times. Last year our weather station recorded gusts of over 100 mph. I really do feel for the people who have been flooded out in the south. I try and imagine how awful it must feel to have filthy water invade your home.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Crazy Paving

Usually we go down the lane, today we're going up. We take the car and the trailer. Past the sheep that won't move. This time we're collecting flat stones. The bigger and flatter the better. This burn that flows down to the loch is full of the most perfect paving slabs, most of which are too heavy for us to carry. We collect the ones we can and put them in a pile. The day is a sort of brown one.Very still, overcast and not especially cold. We take the stones home, where they will wait and eventually be used to pave around the house when the top layer of gravel goes down. We need quite a few more -  but that can be part of  the exercise regime for next week!

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Yesterday and Today

Come on. Get your shoes on. I know you've done this walk before, but it's only down the lane and back, and it's a nice morning. Past the old shed that hangs on by a thread, and that silly sheep hiding behind a stick. It's a bit 'nippy'  but the sun is shining and Spring is in the air.
Now, aren't you glad you came on that walk yesterday! The weather today has changed. We might not need wellie boots yet to get about, but we had to put on our 'Yaktrax' to get up the drive this morning. It wasn't thick snow but what there was very frozen and slippery.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Talking about the weather

It would be silly to say it doesn't rain here. But overall this tiny little patch in the North West of Scotland hasn't fared badly. It's been very windy at times. The weather arrives and leaves with great flourish! I feel sorry for  the misery that is caused due to the weather further south. Some of the pictures we've seen in the news have been unbelievable. 

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