Thursday 25 October 2007

I'm a Lumberjack....

This is Niels in his safety gear. It's quite safe because once in it, it's impossible to move around let alone use a chain saw. Once decked out in helmet with attached ear muffs he couldn't hear a word I said (even less than usual!) I must watch out for early signs of Niels trying to wear the helmet indoors

10 minutes later, the 'garden' looked as if some giants had been playing 'Pick up Sticks'

Niels needs a course in Manual Handling

The sheep couldn't believe their good fortune. Usually they struggle to strip trees of their lower branches, then along comes a man looking like Bob the Builder and fills their plates to overflowing. Sheep are funny creatures, I always thought they spent their days contentedly munching grass, until the other day when I watched one jump up and stand on her (I like to think they're lady sheep) hind legs in an effort to get at next doors apple tree. Timid they may be but they perform some very agile jumps and manoeuvres in an attempt to vary their diet.

Me...looks like I need manual handling training too

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