Thursday 6 December 2007

And he's off...

If you're not much interested in Diggers, now might be the time to look away

I can't believe in the space of half an hour what
total destruction it caused I have two concerns. One, is for the frogs that were happy and carefree last month hopping about looking for a good spot to bed down for the winter. They are going to wake up in February and wonder where on earth ('in' earth?) they are. And two, our digger driver never gets out of his cab. All day long he sits and drinks water. He has a break for lunch (I saw him eating a crunch corner) and yet I never see him get out of his cab? I have offered him the usual facilities one does to someone sitting in a confined space all day but he seems quite happy and able to 'manage!' I would be in and out of the cab on the hour.

This is the stream that has been diverted away from the center of the land to run along side the access road to join the main stream further down in the wood

This is the house site! I think the digger is in the kitchen (maybe the downstairs cloakroom!)

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