Thursday 18 September 2008

More progress - even without the camera!

I can't write without a camera! I find it really difficult. But I promised an update and things are slowly progressing. You'll have to imagine the house full of boxes of unpacked kitchen and bathrooms, of plasterboard, trestles, benches, ladders, tubs, tools, cables, bags of insulation and in amongst it all us, together with Dodo, a lovely man able to turn his hand to most things related to house building. One day last week just for a moment there was a cacophony of sound comprising, me on the drywall sander, Dodo on electric saw and Niels and the plumber on electric drills. It was wonderful!
Yes, the plumber returned and completed the first fix. He has promised to return next week to install the bathrooms. Running water! A loo! A shower! What next? Both the loos will be wall hung and Dodo has built the frames to support the 'hanging fixture thingy' We have finally ordered the rest of the tiles for the kitchen and utility room. The underfloor heating has been laid and later today Dodo hopes to tile the shower room floor.
Myles did a great job on the taping and joint filling but wasn't able to complete it. I've had lessons now in taping and scrimming and applying corner tape. My corners need practice they're a bit wobbly. I've also taken on the drywall sander. A huge, unwieldy, awkward giant sized vacuum cleaner contraption with a long pole and hose attached. The pole is heavy and my tennis elbow has advanced to tennis tournament elbow, but I'm winning, apart from the ceilings which I've passed to Niels to tackle. It beats going to the gym, I'm developing muscles in my upper body that have lain dormant for years! We both feel tired but the house is being dragged by its ears to the next stage.
They say no news is good news but there is an ominous silence regarding my camera! I have a very bad feeling about it. Have Olympus buried it? I miss it. Without it I realise how often I used it. I'll give it another week and if I still haven't heard I'll contact them.

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