Thursday 6 November 2008


This is the broken microwave oven that we unpacked today...
And this is where it should go, above the ordinary oven that isn't broken..!
I've spoken to IKEA (I speak to them most days) and the nice young man at the other end of the phone said to hold on a moment while he entered my order number on the computer. Then he was very quiet for a long time as we have a large case history that he had to look at. And I explained that we weren't trying to be difficult but that a lot of kitchen items appeared to have been broken in the journey from Edinburgh to our house, only to be discovered bit by bit as we unpack and try to fit them. To cheer him up and to show him I wasn't an awkward customer I told him the fridge freezer looked very nice and so did the sink, now it had been replaced with one that wasn't broken, and that the new replaced induction hob had also arrived, in one piece.
He's going to get an adviser to phone me tomorrow!

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