Thursday 12 November 2009

Bit by bit

This might be one small step for a painter decorator, but it's a giant leap for me!

Painted window sills!
Only down stairs mind - don't want to go overdoing it!
I will put some pictures on here of the finished rooms but at the moment there are cupboards and pictures waiting to go back on the walls. The wood for the floor is about to be delivered and there is a large miter saw and stand taking up rather a lot of space in the sitting room - only the window sills pass the vigorous 'can this be photographed inspection!'

I saw these pretty little hearts on Emma's stall at the farmer's market in Inverness. She runs her own business Lochbroom Pottery and had some lovely stoneware on display. I loved these hearts. I'm  not sure what to do with them but feel better for having them!

I've washed the windows! It happens every now and then! I like to think they have a certain sparkle, and look only slightly smeary!


Anonymous said...

Morning Ann

The window sills look great and I love your little nick-nacks. How great to have some sunshine shining in, although saying that I think today is meant to be sunny, which will be nice after the rain and fog of recent days.

Looking forward to seeing you both soon, love Jackie.

annie hoff said...

Thank you Jackie. Yes, we've been lucky with the weather, we've had a good week of wall to wall sunshine, though I notice it's cloudy this morning! Looking forward to seeing you too - glad you're back blogging again.

Lucille said...

Your windows look squeaky clean and a fitting celebration for your painted window sills (and the fact the end was not nigh after all !)

annie hoff said...

No,we were lucky there! I did hurry them though - just in case!

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