Wednesday 30 December 2009

A Winter Wonderland

The children together with Jo's boyfriend arrived safely and in time for Christmas, and a jolly good time was had by all. They say Christmas is a time for children

and our children spent the time running up and down mountains!

Robin took most of the pictures here (apart from this one, taken by Ollie)
I've spent two days going through them all and trying to pick out the best - but they're all brilliant and I've had trouble narrowing them down. Here is just a small selection, and that's still quite a lot, so if snow and mountains aren't your thing, now's the time to look at another blog!

Just before Christmas Robin and Ollie climbed Quinag

and although they only completed one of the peaks they agreed the scenery was breathtaking

On Christmas eve the four of them climbed Stac Polly

Jo, pretending it's summer

On Christmas day they made do with the garden slope and 'played' tobogganing
But by Boxing day they were restless again! Jo and Matt flew off to Vienna and Croatia to see in the New Year. Robin and Ollie decided to climb Sulivan

Seen here from Stac Polly, Suilvan is certainly impressive. Its massive bulk dominates the wilds of Sutherland

Here in the cold light of early morning. They had to leave home at 6am to ensure they got up and down in daylight. They restricted their climb to the dome, Caisteal Liath, that rises up and looks in shape like an old fashioned policeman's helmet

A long way up

and a long way down

Up on the saddle, there is a wall that runs over the mountain

believed to have been for keeping deer out

Nearly there!

Isn't it wonderful

It makes my mouth water - a giant meringue on the top of Suilven

 Ollie made it complete with Christmas hat

And Robin, brilliant, your photos are amazing. Well done both of you.


Anonymous said...

Great photographs, you didn't go with them then??

Best wishes for a very happy 2010.

Love Phil & Jackie.

Diane said...

Epic! Happy New Year! Di xx

annie hoff said...

I was on airport duty the day they climbed Suilven. I would love to have gone but I need more daylight hours to complete it safely. It's in a very remote region and a long walk in before you start to climb - I couldn't go at Robin and Ollie's pace! We'll wait until the days are longer. Happy New Year to you both

annie hoff said...

Happy New Year too Diane to you and your family x

Phil said...

No crampons or ice axes then Ann?

annie hoff said...

I don't think they were necessary Phil.

S. Etole said...

Magnificent photos ... have a wonderful New Year.

Lucille said...

What a stunning setting for Christmas. And how lovely to see the blue sky. It is unremittingly dreary down here. Never mind. There's a bottle of Breaky Bottom chilling and unusually, one of our sons staying in to see in the new year with us, all our other visitors having departed. Happy New Year to you and your family Annie.

annie hoff said...

Thank you Lucille What an honour to have one son stay at home and welcome in the new year with you! Ours shot off a.s.a.p! But we enjoyed ourselves - just the two of us and put our feet up. A very Happy New Year to you and your family too.

Phil said...

Happy New Year to the family Ann.

From Phil and Jackie

Anonymous said...

great pics, as always, should have been arriving today for visit to Ullapool but Inverness closed - have to try again tomorrow

annie hoff said...

Hello! Happy New Year!
Hope you make it to Ullapool! It's snowing heavily again here and more expected tomorrow. Safe journey

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