Tuesday 13 August 2013

Sandwood Bay

We stop and admire the view at Kylescu, on our way to Sandwood Bay.
Ollie and Anna came up the weekend before last. The weather was good and they decided to go climbing on the sea cliffs at Sandwood Bay. This is a staggeringly beautiful remote windswept bit of coast, often empty. The nine mile walk needed to get there and back deters many, but the effort is so worth while. These photos are straight out of the camera. The light and colour (that I'm always banging on about!) was stunning. Clear and sharp.
The climb
and the faffing preparation 
and the tide coming in!
and finally

Anna, bringing up the rear, collecting up bits of gear and carrying the walking boots needed for the walk back down
I can see them both at the top

The triumphant return 
Climbing over, Anna concentrates on her camera. The wind has got up and it's getting late.
I try not to mess about too much with my pictures but the dramatic tone on the camera suits this landscape so well, I couldn't resist..!
I would have posted these earlier, but I've had a bad week with the computer. I've been de-fragmented and re-formatted. I'm not sure that  I'm any quicker and the printer in a show of solidarity with the computer has messed up its print head. Fortunately I registered the printer when we bought it, and a nice lady whom I spoke to today, somewhere in the world, is going to send me another one - I hope.


ju-north said...

We did this walk but no climbing! Can't beat the open space!

S. Etole said...

Your photos are so remarkable. Always enjoy visiting here.

ADRIAN said...

This is how it looks. I had a quick walk in driving rain so it's good to see what I missed.

Anonymous said...

That beach reminds us so much of a summer holiday in Denmark so many years ago at Sjaelands Odde. Long sweeps of light sand set in grassy dunes and a calm, flat sea. No wonder Niels feels at home in your part of the world. The Thains

rachel said...

As ever, awestruck by where you live and how active you are!

How did you do that clever thing with the moving photograph of the waves?

annie hoff said...

Thank you Rachel, though I'm often not that active! I'd got the frame rate set on the camera to something like 5 frames per second (I can't remember now)Then for a change I uploaded my photos into Google+ which I don't really like very much, but Google+ put the series of frames together when I posted them onto my blog. I didn't ask it to - it just did it. I must hold the camera still next time! Hope this makes sense?!

Linda said...

Worth the wait! The quality of the light really comes through.

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