Tuesday 8 September 2009

Unsettled and changeable

It's been a  bit overcast just lately! But undaunted we walked, accompanied by the 'swishing' noise that comes when clad  head to foot in  wet weather gear. 
and bit by slow bit the weather got better
the contrasts and colours

when the weather is torn between rain and sunshine

 The track was flooded in many places
and there was water and much sogginess every where!    
We plodded on, and finally, the sun won
A  white rock, or maybe a boulder?
  made a good home for moss and lichen
Back tracking, homeward bound
looking back the rain clouds regrouping
Ahead a big undecided sky. An excellent and well needed walk. It always feels so good to be out in the open
Living here it's best not to let the weather intervene....too much!

1 comment:

Diane said...

What fabulous pictures! You are certainly getting to grips with the new camera! Take care! Di x

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