Monday 28 September 2009

The last visitor - for a while

The last of the visitors went home at the weekend, seen here enjoying the views from Stac Pollaidh  (Stac Polly) blissfully unaware that his banana, which at this point he's still looking forward to, is being sat on!

I took this picture last November on this walk.  It's not quite so Autumnal here yet, although this last week has felt like the  middle of winter at times. It shows where we sat and ate our squashed bananas last Wednesday

We climbed up in sunshine and came down in severe gales and rain! 

It's one of the easier walks to do here in as much that you can park a car at the foot of the mountain. It takes a couple of hours and although the 'real' summit involves a bit of a scramble there is a sort of summit a little lower down that still feels like an achievement!

Isn't this beautiful? Lichen grows on rocks in many different forms and colours. It was on the path, and too big to carry home!
After our visitor had departed for warmer and gentler climes in the south, the weather improved - just a little, and on Friday evening there was a sunset

It started in the usual  unassuming way

before exploding in a riot of colour.
A sight our visitors rarely see!
 Now, apart from the children, there are no more visitors expected in the near future, and I have started to dig out the paint brushes, plaster, sandpaper, primer, ladders, dust sheets, white spirit etc - honest!


Lucille said...

That really is the most extraordinarily beautiful sunset. I think it's because of the smooth pebble shaped clouds as well as the colour.
Poor bananas. They don't travel well at the best of times. A forgotten banana is always black by the end of a day's drive.

annie hoff said...

We had words regarding the bananas! Niels is not to be trusted - he sat on my sandwiches in June!
The smooth pebble shaped clouds are not uncommon in this part of the world - space ships maybe?!

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