Wednesday 8 December 2010

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

The car that got us from one end of the country to the other sits and rests at the top of the drive.  We arrived home at the weekend, and although the roads were snowy in places, especially around Stirling and Perth we missed the recent heavy falls  that shut the main roads south of us
The wedding was near Petworth in Sussex and very pretty, though very chilly.The photographer kept photographs to a minimum to prevent frost bite and red noses, and sorry, but not one photo of me in my posh frock, I was probably back inside the  church leaning on a radiator.
 Since our return to deepest darkest Letters, the snow has been relentless. This morning on our walk we watched the next fall of snow make its way silently up the loch towards us.
 We tried to head it off at the pass as they say! But it beat us. We were less than half a mile from the house when it tipped its load down our necks and in the tops of our boots
Life in the slow lane isn't without its hazards! Police advise drivers to stay in their vehicles!
I know there are all sorts of reasons not to like the snow, but I do love it. I love the muffled silence, its incredible beauty and how it changes the light.
Two of our children are due to arrive next week.  I've no idea how the weather will be by then. They intend to travel up from Kings Cross by train. The plumber is due this Friday. He's coming from Gairloch, a little south from us, where the snow has also been  heavy. His arrival, or not, will determine whether we have, or don't have underfloor heating in the shower room by Christmas.
While we wait the house is warm and very cosy even though we have one or two underfloor heating issues - but that can wait till another blog!


rachel said...

You can process a lot of snow down your boots with half a mile left to walk! I love snow too, although I would appreciate a brief respite now so that I can get my car out and do some proper shopping....

Is that a glass hearth? Beautiful!

Lucille said...

That's proper snow that is. It looks very cosy indoors.

S. Etole said...

Your photos are breathtaking ... I think I say that a lot when I visit here ... but they truly are.

Diane said...

Glad you are back safely. I've been wondering if you were stuck in a snow drift somewhere! I'm quite envious of your log burner, it looks so so cosy, I can feel its warmth through the blog. Hope the plumber can make it. Keep warm! Di xx

Mac n' Janet said...

Your pictures are beautiful, but to be truthful that's the only way I like to see snow -- in pictures. I'm strictly a fair weather soul.
Home your children make it in safely, ours isn't coming until the 23rd.

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