Friday 21 October 2011

No concrete evidence

It's turning a bit chilly here

 I love the winter and cold crisp days and fires and being cosy and warm indoors
but just at the minute we're outdoors, and could have done with winter delaying its arrival by just a little bit.
Finally we're building the much needed and much longed for garage. Not to put the car in - what a silly waste of space that would be! I see it more as a large cupboard. We've worked and worked, dug out, levelled, built the frame (and it's straight!)
and this morning at first light we were out applying the finishing touches, plastic membrane, steel mesh for reinforcing the concrete - I know my footings and foundations!
Ready for the arrival of the concrete at 9am.
At 11am we rang the concrete man, it was raining quite heavily by now
it appears his concrete delivering lorry wasn't working. I'm sure they had  meant to tell us that  delivery had been postponed until Monday
It was a bit early in the day for one of these, especially as the garage is being delivered tomorrow..... apparently!  I resisted the temptation
but, may just sit outside round the new paddling pool at the weekend in my thermals with a glass of mulled wine waiting for items of great importance to be delivered!


Ann said...

I am sure all will be well when the rain stops and the concrete man arrives - in the meantime just enjoy the wine and the view.
Look forward to seeing photographs of the finished result.
Happy weekend

Mac n' Janet said...

Into each project some rain must fall. Sorry about that. But it seems like every time we take on a project something throws a snag in it. Hope it turns out ok.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! But what choice do you have except to be philosophical? I hope things fall into place on Monday, literally and metaphorically. Your house, glowing with its lights, looks so inviting and cosy.

Oh and thanks for the laugh re. the garage-as-giant-cupboard!

old_black said...

I seem to recall that your house is a long way from anywhere...I'm thinking of a post about your trip to your "local" Ikea. I imagine that the "local" concrete batch plant might not be exactly just round the corner, either! I don't know much about concrete, but does remoteness cause a problem with getting the concrete there in good condition (when the lorry is working)?

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