Tuesday 29 May 2012


30c and too hot to be on land. We put the canoe into the loch at the bottom of the garden and slide  gently along the waters edge
our house, poking out through the trees. I was impressed, it seems to stand on its own, but we do have neighbours on either side, just hidden from view
It's a privilege I know to have all this at the end of the garden, and we are very aware of how fortunate we are
 upside down trees slip by as we meander towards the head of the loch

and we look down into a silent beautiful cool underwater seaweed world
the loch is tidal and the tide is just about to turn and head back out to sea
the river runs into the loch at Clachan - a tiny hamlet consisting of one or two houses a church (in the picture) and a farm
last week I peddled to clachan
this week I paddled - no, that wouldn't be true. I was 'paddled' - if one can say that? I just sat in front of the canoe taking pictures
Here is the paddler. We get as far as we can go. I get out of the canoe and take more pictures
We bought this Canadian canoe more than twenty years ago. It's been brilliant, great when the children were younger, and now great when we are children! The water was only about 2 inches deep at this point but I slipped getting back into the canoe and sat down in the water with a bump!
we turn round and head back home. The tide is with us but the wind has picked up slightly
noisy Oyster Catchers take off 
 and a seal pops up to see what all the fuss is about - he was extremely camera shy.
home comes into view and we just need to struggle back up the garden. I need a shower and some dry clothes! But it was a perfect way to spend a very hot and sunny morning 


Anonymous said...

Fabulous!! The reflection shots are superb. Even I, who don't much like being on the water, would have enjoyed that trip!!

Linda said...

I think you've sizzled more than we have. The trees are still a lovely new green. Such perfect, mirror-like calm.

http://jackieinsurrey.blogspot.co.uk/ said...

Wow, I could sizzle in that beautiful place. Great photographs as usual If you pop over to my blog it will remind you of what you left!! Love Jackie.

Mac n' Janet said...

What a beautiful place to live. I've been monitoring weather in Inverness trying to pick a good time to travel to the Highlands next year and it looks like it's been good weather the last week of so.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos! I particularly love the reflections - it's hard to believe it's water and not a mirror, as Linda has said. We "sizzled" in Aberdeen until Monday when the clouds and chilly weather returned. Sigh!

Lucille said...

It was lovely to be taken along for the ride. Sitting under cool grey clouds today so it was especially appreciated.

Lori ann said...

stunning. i've really enjoyed all your photos annie and your appreciation for such an incredibly beautiful place, truly stunning. thank you for sharing!

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