Saturday 12 July 2008

Location Location!

This is where 'Brookwood' sits. About one fifth up the hill on the loch side. Lochbroom is a sea loch. Ullapool sits at the mouth of the loch and to get there by car one must drive down to the head of the loch and then back up on the other side. A journey of about 10 miles, with no traffic jams, roundabouts, traffic lights or even very often any traffic, apart from the occasional passing car, lorry or, in the summer camper van or caravan. On the road in to Ullapool there are no roads leading anywhere either to the right or left. In the winter the deer gather at the side of the road. However often I do the journey I never tire of the views of the loch and beyond either towards the sea or to the mountains with the ever changing light and colour.
This is the journey I take sometimes several times a week either to go in to Ullapool where I turn left at the end of the avenue of trees or right if I'm going to Inverness, London or anywhere else really!
Clicking on the photos should enlarge them and show off my wobbly handwriting!

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