Wednesday 30 July 2008

The white house

First we had the builders and no building warrant. Now we have the building warrant and no builders! It's a fine balance between having builders and not having them! I can't believe the building warrant has finally arrived! They have approved everything and agreed at last that the wood burning stove doesn't need a 75mm concrete wall behind it - yippee. Actually at the moment it barely has a wall behind it but that's another story! I'm updating the blog to show the progress. When I look at photos I can see it is coming on, but at times it seems unbearably slow
Last week the next consignment of plaster board arrived and was dropped off at the top of the drive. Both the joiners are elsewhere at present but will be happy to know that it not only arrived, but that we lugged it down the drive into the house...
with the aid of the trailer
and stacked it in piles
like so!
The ceiling downstairs and the outside walls have now been plaster boarded
The wood burning stove will go where the fridge freezer is standing
This is looking round the corner in to the sitting room

This is looking towards the downstairs shower room and the front entrance

Niels' study
and the famous heat exchange system
Having bemoaned the fact that we've had no workman - yesterday morning Hughie our electrician arrived at 8am and finished putting in all the wiring and cables upstairs ready for the joiners when they return next week
And yes, just look who else showed up yesterday! Lamb chop trotted up in the afternoon as if nothing had changed and had a digestive biscuit. She's been to the sheep's hairdressers and I wasn't sure at first if it was her or not. But of the four sheep that were outside the caravan, three sped off while the fourth came running up with a 'Do you have anything I can eat?' expression on her face. I also recognised her various body piercings and ear markings. Sadly there wasn't a mini lamb chop in tow, maybe he or she had to be taken in to care, I can't imagine Lamb chop would make a good mother; she'd be too busy rifling through the bins, but it was good to see her again.

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We loveeeee Lamb Chop!

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