Tuesday 19 October 2010

Wood working

I do find it very difficult to combine both visitors and blogging!
We've had a busy two and a half months and family and many
friends have been up to stay. I love it and I'm not
 complaining in any way, it's always more enjoyable to be out and about walking with friends,
but there is an awful lot of daily routine and grind
that gets put to one side when visitors come to stay.
Blogging is just one of the things that gets overlooked, along with masses of paperwork,
housework etc.
There is one visitor however who seems to thrive on the daily grind, and looks tirelessly until she finds
some really tough manual labour and hard graft she can get stuck in to.
Dear Helen 'played' in the 'garden' for hours during her recent visit; chopping, shifting
lifting,sawing and stacking wood from the, never ever going to get any smaller, woodpile.
 When Robin came last month he and Niels worked out a way of getting the logs up
to the top of the hill. I won't go into details, just to say it involved some rope, some straps
some planks of wood and the van!
In the way that only boys can!
So, some of the wood that has been dragged up the hill waits here for the
next stage in the proceedings
Niels made himself one of these - I think it's called a horse, and it's for sawing logs without
getting a bad back!
Then the wood comes round to the front of the house and is stacked
ready to go in the log baskets next to the wood burner in the sitting room.
It looks wonderful stacked up against the side of the house, and stays dry under the
Occasionally Helen sat down - probably because Niels asked if he might take a little break!
Refusing to take part in any activity at all, other than eating, the sheep
with the green tag in her ear whiled away the afternoons enjoying the sunshine, oblivious to
the noise from the chain saw and the strimmer.
If she thinks at all I imagine it must be to wonder how that new sheep that has arrived in her garden
manages to eat so much while staying so slim!


Lucille said...

I'd love to have a log pile like that, but without the back-breaking effort.

S. Etole said...

the telling of this makes me smile ...

Phil said...

They say you can tell the state of a marriage by the tidiness of the log pile in European countries out side of the houses.

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