Sunday 3 October 2010

A woolly jumper

This is not a good idea
The sheep with the green tag in her ear
(I won't give her a name)
gets into the garden here. I've no idea how, she's obviously
waiting for me to go before she demonstrates her jumping skills.
That fence post looks pushed over
This is a working relationship. Grass only. I've told her pot plants, and shrubs
are out - and so will she be if she even has the tiniest nibble
I'm not inviting her in for tea and jaffa cakes. I'm not teaching her tricks.
 I'm not getting to know her. She's just a lawn mower.
She doesn't like the rain. She stands very still, water dripping off her chin.
She likes sitting in the sun, doing her nails and stuff
Are sheep like cats?  She's made herself at home.
But it can't possibly work. Sheep and gardens just don't go together.
I know it's hopeless. In the end she'll eat every pot plant and shrub
and pooh all over the garden
I won't won't won't get to like her. Nobody in their right mind
would dream of getting attached to their lawn mower!


rachel said...

No of course you won't get attached to her. Noooooo...... not even a smidgen, even if she does her nails in front of you, or looks at you with those lovely sheepy eyes.....

But if you do decide to throw her out, make sure you take some photos of the event, won't you, or we'll never believe it.

S. Etole said...

I suspect it's already too late ... she looks pretty well loved.

annie hoff said...

Yes - I expect you're both right! She's out there this morning chewing things over and enjoying the sunshine!

Diane said...

What a brilliant lawn mower! I would love to have one just like her! I'm very pleased to see you have a replacement "Lamb Chop"! Who could resist her compaany? Enjoy! Love Di xx

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