Friday 29 October 2010

To the lighthouse

It's been a big beautiful blowsy day, and this morning we walked out to the lighthouse at Rhue just north of Ullapool. I posted pictures a couple of years ago, here
Luckily, the weather hadn't paid attention to the forecast, and  it didn't rain,
although it was windy
Big skies, and big bold brashy clouds like ships with no time to slow down, scudded over the mountain tops
Would it be fun to climb up the ladder? We never found out. It was padlocked.. Probably to prevent old people from misbehaving, doing something silly, and toppling off  the top!
 Ben mor Coigach where we recently walked the 'postie path' with Helen
We left the lighthouse and walked up the hill to look down on Isle of St. Martin sheltered in the bay. There is a house on the island you can rent and I think sometimes what an adventure that would be in the winter with the gales and rain lashing at the windows. Or snow. Christmas with family and friends, marooned on your very own island.
From our vantage point we could see over to Ardmair point and the road in the distance winding ever further north. There is less and less habitation the further north you go. In some parts the only road the A838  is reduced to single track. It really is a long way from anywhere. But it's so good to be out in it.


La said...

Such a splendid place for a walk. Have a wonderful weekend! La

S. Etole said...

You have the most astounding views ... and you photograph them well.

rachel said...

Look at those russets and blues! And the dark blue ink of the sea! Stunning.

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