Wednesday 20 October 2010

It won't last...

.....but, first thing this morning, it did look lovely.
Stone cold birds on the garden table
Cars to de-ice
A rather wintery outlook
And over there in the hills I can hear the deep mournful
bellows of  the male red deer as they compete to mate with the females
in the herd. The rutting season starts at the beginning of October and there is much
roaring and clashing of antlers amongst the male stags asserting their dominance over the herd.
Like gladiators entering an arena, they parade around proudly
showing off their armoury of antlers. It would be interesting to hear what
the females make of it all!
We must keep keeping on with the woodpile, before winter
really does overtake us. I was hoping Flossie might come up and
lend a hand mouth
              In the meantime we feed the wood burner conscious of the effort
made to collect every stick and log - strangely it feels very satisfying
    I love the blackness of the stove with the
brightness of the fire.
Home grown, home made wood!


rachel said...

Flossie says to tell you she would LOVE to come and help with the woodpile!

annie hoff said...

Brilliant! I'll get the floor mop and bucket ready!

S. Etole said...

winter seems too close but that fire does look cozy ...

Mac n' Janet said...

Snow, oh my, it's still in the low 80's here. When winter comes here it doesn't do it slowly it will come with a bang.
Loved the glasses on the sheep, she looks like a reader.LOL

Lynne said...

I love a wood burning stove and was fortunate to have 3 of them when we lived in Sweden. We chopped our own trees down, dried them and stored them, it was a long process. Hard work too! But worth it.

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